Global Interactions (H/L)

Global Interactions is the higher Level aspect of the course.

Paper 3: answer a 10 mark and 15 mark question in an hour!

You should keep in mind that this paper spans the other units that you have studied, so you should use you knowledge and case studies from the other other units where you can.

Many of the issues that arise in the core units underpin this paper:

  • Increasing populations are leading to increased demand for housing, food, freshwater and manufactured products.
  • Increasing the supply of these is damaging the environment and driving globalisation.
  • Culture defines groups of people but globalisation is breaking these distinctions down by offering a much wider range of products and services to a much wider range of people.
  • Disparities in wealth and development exist on a domestic and international scale, globalisation in its various forms is reducing these disparities in many ways but opening up new disparities such as digital divides.